Please Follow These Easy Steps To Register For This Incredible Conference!

1.                Fill out the following application completely and press the “Submit” button at the bottom.

2.                Bring a check, written to “AIPAC,” for $25. This will cover your new membership with the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee.

3.               Last but not least, arrive at the Hillel Foundation at the University of Florida before 6:30 pm on Friday, February 4th, to pick up your registration packet and drop off your check. You can also register Sunday morning at 8:00 am at the Reitz Union located on Museum Road at the University of Florida.  

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 How will you be arriving to campus?

I live in Gainesville--it won't be a problem.

I will be driving on (What date?) I can take other students with me!

I have found a ride on (What date?)

I am still looking for a ride. Please help!

 Where will you be staying?

I live in Gainesville. If fact, I don't mind housing other students at my place*

            * If you are already housing students that you know, what are their names?

I will be staying with a friend. That person's name is:

I am still looking for a place to stay. Please help!


Do you require kosher meals?

Yes I do.

No I don't.


When we have our GatorPAC luncheon, I understand that the food is not completely kosher. I would prefer:

Vegetarian lasagna

Salmon or another fish

I will require a strictly kosher meal specially prepared by Hillel. I understand that this meal will cost an extra 5 dollars.



Please check which of the following activities you would be interested in for Saturday, February 5th, 2000. Because it is Shabbat, we will not have any structured activities offered until 8:00 pm. We will provide rides to each activity below.

The UF vs. Georgia men’s basketball game. More Info?
View and tour several Jewish art exhibits at the Harn Museum of Art. More info?
Participate in a community service activity. More information
I am not interested in any of the activities listed. Do not include me.

Please send me information about Shabbat 2000, on February18th and 19th, 2000, where 2000 Jews will celebrate Shabbat together!


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