Ramah Darom, Season 2

Fun Shabbos
Naomi, Matt, Lauren Schach, and Anna Rabinowitz haniging out before Shabbat.
Matt and Sharon
A cute picture of me and my sister.
Some Shoafim Girls
Greta, Ariel, Angela, and Shira skipping Hebrew class to hang out with me...
Throwing Up the Chet
Tzrif Chet from Session Aleph throws up our symbol at the top of Wolf's Nob, which we hiked up during our camping trip.
Sharon's Tzrif
Sharons's bunkmates posing for the camera.
More of Tzrif Yud
The Girls...again ;-)
Sharon and Sam
The girls haven't changed much since last summer. Still crazy wackos!
Big Phil, Corrinne, Angela, and Greta, as well as others, star in this fun picture.

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