Here they are...

Matt and Ivy Chillin' on the Bleachers
Boy, wouldn't Rafi be jealous ;-)
Scared Little Girls!
Matt, Matt, and Aaron are soooo cute! Here we are before the Wizard of Oz.
Matt at the Helm
Here I am messing with something I really shouldn't be, but I'm way over it.
The Darom Landscape
I really like this picture. It's Sharon, her friends, and the North Georgia Mountains. Check out Rafi in the back, too.
Sharon and Sam
My sister and her best friend, also known as the Laughing Maniacs. If you don't know what I mean, then you will this summer...they're both coming back! Oh no!

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My old ZBT fraternity family: From right to left, there's my big brother Manny, myself, my co-little brothers (even though they came after me and therefore are my servants) Matt and Ryan. I'm no longer active, but at one point these people meant something to me.