Hi There! Thanks for visiting this Web Page! Unfortunately, it takes quite a while to load up these pictures, so feel free to go get a sandwich while they download!
I had a great summer at Ramah Darom, and I will certainly keep you updated throughout my time in Israel!
--Matt 8-20-2000

In this first picture, I am hanging out with some members of the Red team during our color war (Yom Sport). I was in charge of Gaga both sessions, which is an exciting sport that our campers loved! The Red team, by the way, went on to victory!

A whole lotta Rosh! Here are all the Roshei Eidot and Yigal during the first Friday of camp, when we all took off for Longhorn Steakhouse!

This was my group of friends on a day off in July. From left to right are the-artist-formerly-known-as "Piper", Jordana Escarzaga, Melissa Loft, Myself, and Nivi. In front is Evan Loft. We had a great time drinking beers and skiing in Melissa's boat on this hot summer day!

Matt and Allison Levy before the last Shabbat of camp.

Matt and Allison Levy (again) before a group of us enjoyed a 24-hour day off in a hotel room in Clayton, Georgia.

And here is a picture of that day off!

A different day off, but no less fun! From left to right are Jessica Simmons, Brian Gross, Sara Wolfe, Seth Resnick, Allison Resnick, Richie Baum, myself, then Allison Levy and Danielle Sherman. This picture was taken in the hot tub of the Days Inn of Cherokee, North Carolina (what random places we ended up in!).

What would this page be without a picture of my little sister Sharon? Also pictured is my good friend, Ali Schlamowitz . . . SHOOO---AAA---FIM!