Here are our pictures from Seattle. I've arranged them from the best (I think) to the worst. But, you are free to decide. Have fun!

This is us shortly after New Year's 2000 at the Pink Onion in Vancouver, BC. The other person in the picture is Sarah Rae Jaffe, one of our wonderful hosts during the trip.
Matt and Tara Freezing----Here is a very cute shot of Tara and I huddling for warmth in the mountains. A MUST SEE!!!
Matt and Tara at the Hotel in Vancouver----This is a cute little shot of Tara and I after we watched New Year's in New York City on TV. Aren't we cute?

A Wild and Crazy Group----Sarah, Jeff, Tara, and I, shortly before we all got plastered at the club--except for Tara, who doesn't drink ;-) I look like a dork in the picture, but what else is new?
Matt and Tara Trying to Go Sledding----Don't let our smiles fool you. We tried to go sledding, but it didn't work out. This is a really nice picture, though.

Matt and Tara at the University of Washington----This is a neat, wide-angle shot of Tara and I standing at the pond on the UW campus.